The new way to manage medical literature.

RefBin gives you tools designed specifically around your need to keep up
with new medical journal articles related to your field.


An interface designed around your needs.


Use our unique freeform hierarchy to describe the content of your articles and keep them organized in a way that is meaningful to you.

Add articles to multiple descriptive topics that relate to their content. Instantly view all articles related to specific or broad subject matters.


Automated PubMed searches allow you to quickly filter through new articles related to your subject matter and easily pull them into your library. Similarly, when articles appear that aren’t relevant to your research, exclude them and you’ll never have to see them again.


Quickly find specific articles from PubMed and import them directly into your library.


Upload your PDF’s, with the ability to highlight and annotate from anywhere.


For any list of articles, download a zipped package of the PDF’s, or use a shareable link to send them to your colleagues.


  • Anyone seeking to maximize the efficiency and organization of a complex set of published references should seriously consider Refbin.

    Kalev Freeman, M.D.
  • RefBin makes my research more productive by keeping my literature up to date and organized like never before!

    Stephanie Pero, Ph.D.
  • RefBin has advanced my professional interactions with others in the lab, by allowing students, trainees, and collaborators to work together with me using the same RefBin database during preparation of grants and publications.

    Kalev Freeman, M.D.
  • As an NIH-funded physician scientist, I have found RefBin to be a critical and essential tool for my research program. RefBin allows me to stay up-to-date in my specific research niche, despite a busy schedule. It also provides an intuitive, rapid mechanism for organizing and retrieving articles which I have reviewed.

    Kalev Freeman, M.D.
  • Refbin allows me to organize journal articles in personalized fashion that mirrors how I think.

    Sara Kay Brennan, Medical Student
  • To login every day and find the newest science — tailored to my needs and without duplication —is invaluable, and keeps me at the leading edge of fast-paced of biomedical research.

    Nathan R. Tykocki, Ph.D.


    $5 mo
    • All the benefits for the commercial license, but heavily discounted for academic and government use.
  • Commercial / Government
    $25 Contact us at for a quote
    • Up to 5000 stored citations and PDF’s
    • Unlimited descriptive headings
    • Access your library from any computer
    • Highlight and annotate your PDF's
    • Customized support
    Contact us at for a quote
    • Customize your storage needs
    • Collaborative workspaces
    • Embed your library on your institution's public homepage
    • Custom number of users
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