The RefBin team will collect and curate each article published by John Wayne Cancer Institute Fellows, and if desired, each article published by the JWCI. The entire output will be kept up to date and carefully organized by topic and cancer type.

All Fellows and faculty of the JWCI will be provided personal RefBin accounts with the full suite of management tools for their own use, in addition to robust access to the library of articles by the Fellows and JWCI.


RefBin will create personal accounts for all JWCI Fellows, and if desired, the faculty of the JWCI. Through these accounts, direct communication will be easy for both Fellows and faculty.

Communications can include a newsletter of the latest publications, which can be managed by RefBin team. Stacy or Lauren can easily create a communication to part or all of the group.

Communication is also easy with any physician or researcher in the world with a RefBin account.


The library is an excellent resource for Fellowship candidates to identify their areas of research interest.

Donors often are interested in a particular tumor type that affected a family member. The library provides an outstanding way to guide them to areas of strength related to disease topics of their particular concern.

A special collection of milestone articles can also be assembled.


With one line of code, you can display a responsive and read-only version of the RefBin JWCI library on your homepage for public access. Expand the headings to access specific subject matters, or click a heading to view the attached citations.

If desired, a link can take visitors to a more feature-rich full screen display.