In response to a growing need for organized and comprehensive public data regarding the novel coronavirus, RefBin functions as a database to collect, parse, and classify incoming COVID-19 data. The RefBin COVID-19 database was started to help medical professionals, government officials and everyday citizens easily access validated findings from scientific articles. Using a multiple-reviewer system of data classification, this information is readily accessible. With information regarding topics ranging from: prenatal and delivery infections to clinical features, and laboratory findings to novel manifestations, the database is growing on a daily basis.

How RefBin makes COVID research more accessible

RefBin automatically searches the PubMed database each day and retrieves all new scientific articles regarding COVID-19. Relevant articles are imported and reviewed by trained researchers. Statistical information and scientific evidence is sorted into relevant categories within the database and the corresponding article is attached to these findings.

Meet our team

Dr. David Krag, MD

RefBin Founder. COVID-19 & Vermont MAT Database Co-Creator, Professor of Surgical Oncology at the University of Vermont

Matt Bansak

RefBin Software Architect, Co-Creator

Shania Lunna, BS

Co-Creator, Reviewer

Isabelle Flinn, BS


Chris Krag, Undergraduate Student

Video Content Creator

Devanshi Damani, MBBS


Dr. Praveen Vikas, MBBS

Reviewer (Cancer Focus)

Emma Rose McCadden, PhD Student

Reviewer & Designer

Sarah Robtoy, Neuroscience Student


The library

Below, you’ll see a real time peek into our COVID-19 RefBin library. Expand the headings to access specific subject matters, or click a heading to view the attached citations.

Get involved

If you would like to access or contribute to our growing library of COVID-19 research, or inquire about other ways to get involved, please get in touch with us at info@refbin.com